Your Favorites

Please post your favorite restaurants and we might have to go check them out!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Food, Inc.

We just got done watching Food,Inc.  Really makes you think about what your eating and where it comes from.  I wonder how much has changed for the positive since the film came out in 2008?   Buy Local!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pittsburgh Beerfest

We're saving the food for our next trip to Pittsburgh, this weekend was about the beer.  We discovered many new Brewery's this weekend and will be returning for Pittsburgh's outdoor Beerfest this summer.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Headed to Pittsburgh

Were headed to Pittsburgh's  Beerfest this weekend, lets see what we can find?  Please comment if you have any recommendations!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Welcome to our blog, “The Truthful Travelers.“ Our mission is to share with others the best local restaurants we can find along our expeditions and everyday lives.  The idea of this blog is to give our honest opinions about our favorite local restaurants, bars, and pubs......Only those worth sharing.
We do not want to be the a-holes who give nasty reviews, BUT we will tell it like it is.  Mostly we just want to be honest (good or bad).  Chances are if it’s that bad we wouldn’t even think about putting it on our site anyway. 

Who Are The Truthful Travelers?

We are a young couple from Pennsylvania who have always loved to travel.  Like many, our jobs and daily lives hold us back from traveling as much as we would like.  Our biggest passion we share together is our love for exceptional food and drinks, and we find ourselves searching for the best local eateries wherever we go.
 When we first started dating as teenagers, we would go to the well known chain restaurants – Applebees, Red Lobster, we all know these restaurants. We found that as we matured, so did our pallets and our opinion of good food. The chain restaurants had lost their luster, Coors Light wasn’t quenching our thirsts like a well made craft beer, and french fries just couldn’t compare to tuna tartar.  And, slowly but surely, we found that the small dive bars and local eateries had much more to offer than the large chain restaurants.
As our love for food grew, we found ourselves spending most of our time at the restaurant table critiquing our meal, the atmosphere, wait staff....everything.  After a couple years of this banter, we decided to put our ideas on paper (or in this case, the screen).
It is important to note that we have absolutely NO culinary training and have never worked in a restaurant setting.  It is probably also important to note our taste for excellent food does not match our wallet size, which is quite unfortunate.  We are ordinary people with dull, corporate, time-sucking jobs, who enjoy to get out as much as we can and enjoy what matters to us- FOOD. 
We are “The Truthful Travelers“, and we want you to love food as much as we do – but please, stop with the chain restaurants already (you’ll quickly see what you’ve been missing).